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Attention In Use Of Wire And Cable

October 24, 2019

  The cable as one of the most dangerous inventions of the mankind became a logical continuation of the wire and was already used in the 19th century in navies of the developed countries. Actually the cable consists of wires inside a shielding layer made of insulation materials. Nowadays this is an artifact without which you can hardly imagine your life nowadays. They are used in many branches of the human activities predominantly connected with electricity, optics, engineering, modern techniques of power generation. Our electric equipment can`t work without high class and reliable cables. 


  In mechanics cables are used to haul, to convey, haul and tow force.As the function of cables is to carry power supplies, they are endangered in many ways. They may draw energy from electromagnetic fields around them, and they can draw unnecessary noises. In both cases the result is undesirable and consequently there are some hints how to avoid the situations. The first is to keep cables unpolluted, the second is to lay cables in houses as short as possible not make longer unnecessary coils. Fortunately there are cables which are developed to minimize electromagnetic pickup. Certainly the cables should be grounded to avoid unnecessary electric shock for people and stress on the cable insulation. 


  Attention should be paid to the cable so that it must undamaged in any way. All the wires inside must be insulated. Cables must be out of reach of children, animals, especially rodents and playful cubs.The process of cabling should be conducted with the electricity unconnected.

To unwind the cable one should wear protective tarpaulin gloves. During the process of cabling every worker should manage the cable with the weight of up to 35 kg, and not longer. All the workers should be to same side of the cable. Welding cables should be exploited with attention too:


First of all a special three-conductor cable is used in the process of welding.The welder and weld cable should be connected to power at the temperature lower 40 degrees Centigrade. 

As welding sparks can hurt, one should wear special uniform and protective helmet with shaded glass not to exposes the eyes.The rubber cables have some disadvantages: being easier they are more vulnerable to the physical damage: they are also more fragile to the influence of ozone. So rubber cables should be used in areas remote from the reach of open sun. The control cable is a cable of two flat intertwined cables and one should work with it with the same safety measures.The solar cables are used for connecting solar panels and other components in solar energy generation. They are produced for outdoor use, so they are build of cross-linked plastic layers to withstand sharp range of temperature. At the same time they are salt water, acids and alkaline solutions resistant. One should not be of great professional experience to understand one more general rule for the exploitation of cables of any kind: all of them are to be far from any cutting objects, fire or other potential sources of damage and are in the sphere of activity of specially trained people. 



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