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Differences between Mineral Insulated Cable and Normal Cable

October 05, 2020

                                                                                                       mineral insulated cable


What is mineral insulated cable used for                                          

At present, mineral insulated cables have been widely used in high-rise buildings, petrochemicals, airports, tunnels, ships, offshore oil platforms, aerospace, iron and steel metallurgy, shopping malls, parking lots and other occasions. Compared with ordinary cables, mineral insulated cables have better durability, reliability and fire resistance, mineral cable continuous working temperature of 250 ℃, in 950 ℃ - 1000 ℃ can continue to supply electricity for a hundred hours, short time or extraordinary period can be close to the melting point of copper 1083 ℃ work, applicable to the rated voltage of 1000 V below the line. And the micc cable carrying capacity of large, water, explosion-proof, corrosion-resistant, high working temperature, corrosion resistance, overload protection, so its life is also longer than normal cable! ZW is a leading mineral insulated cable manufacturers. We have more than 10 years on manufacturing  different mineral insulated cable sizes.


The characteristic Features of Mineral Insulated Cables

● No combustion, no support of combustion, no emission of toxic gases, zero combustion energy;

● Mineral insulated cable termination and intermediate connector are supplied with the cable, increasing the fire resistance reliability of the cable;

● Mineral cable can withstand extreme temperatures, falling objects and fire water spray in a fire;

● Micc cables can be used at high temperatures;

● Micc cable can be used at high temperatures;

● They are non-aging and are extremely stable;                                                                                         Mineral Insulated Cable

● The metal sheath of the cable can be used as a grounding circuit;

●The metal jacket of the cable can be used as an earthing circuit;

● Due to the special structure of the cable, its load capacity is large;

● Excellent electromagnetic shielding and EMC performance;

● It can be protected against animal bites.


Advantage of Mineral Insulated Cables        

(1)Long service life: 100 years.

Inorganic materials used in mineral insulated cables can ensure the stability, long life and fire resistance of the cable.

(2) Small outer diameter: small cable diameter, easy to install, low comprehensive cost, cable without tube protection.

Mineral insulated cables have a smaller diameter than other cables with the same current rating.

(3) Short circuit fault rating

At the same temperature, the short-circuit fault rating of mineral insulated cables is significantly higher than that of other types of cables.

(4) Explosion-proof: good performance in explosion-proof and excellent performance in nuclear radiation resistance.

The highly compacted insulation material in mineral insulated cables prevents the passage of vapors, gases and flames between the equipment parts connected to the cable.

(5) Large load capacity

For the same cable cross-section, mineral insulated cables transmit higher currents than other types of cables. At the same time, mineral insulated cables can also withstand considerable overload.

(6) high operating temperature: continuous operating temperature up to 250 ℃, short-term operating temperature up to 1083 ℃.

Mineral insulated cables can withstand continuous operation temperatures up to 250°C. However, in an emergency, the cable can continue to operate for a short period of time at a temperature close to the melting point of the copper jacket.

(7) Waterproof, moisture-proof, oil-resistant, corrosion-resistant

If the mineral insulated cable is completely immersed in water, the mineral insulated cable can continue to operate with the help of its seamless metal sheath.

(8) high mechanical strength: excellent mechanical strength, good bending performance, can be used in complex structures, space is limited installation environment.

Mineral insulated cables are strong and durable, and can withstand severe mechanical damage without compromising their electrical properties.

(9) High corrosion resistance

The copper sheathing of mineral insulated cables is highly resistant to corrosion, and for most installations, it does not require additional protective measures. Where the copper jacket of the cable is susceptible to chemical corrosion or heavy industrial contamination, a plastic outer jacket should be used to protect the mineral-insulated cable.

(10) Fire resistance: excellent fire resistance, reusable cable after a fire.

The two materials used in mineral insulated cables, copper and magnesium oxide, are inorganic. These cables do not burn, do not ignite, and can continue to operate in conditions close to a flame. The copper jacket is melted at 1083℃, while the magnesium oxide insulation material is cured at 2800℃.


For mineral insulated cables, a separate ground conductor is not required, as the copper jacket used for this cable already acts as a ground conductor and provides an excellent low ground resistance. For ground-sheath circuit wiring, the outer copper jacket is used as both ground and neutral conductor in multiple ground neutral systems.


Due to excellent characteristics of mineral insulated cables, more and more customers choose mineral cable according cable project. If you want to know mineral insulated cable price and micc cable price, please contact us. We promise to provide the qualified products for our customers.

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