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The Application of Silicone Cable

October 11, 2020

What is Silicone Cable

Silicone Cable has super high and low temperature resistance, high temperature 200 degrees, low temperature-60 degrees below zero. The sheath adopts ultra-soft and environment-friendly silicone, which has no peculiar smell, is soft and can be bent at will, is not easy to harden, and has long service life of acid and alkali resistance and wear resistance. The conductor adopts high-quality 0.08mm tinned copper, which has strong anti-oxidation ability.


Certification for Silicone Cable

Silicone cables need UL certification. The main types of materials to distinguish, such as PVC, XLPE, silicone rubber, Teflon, the temperature resistance of each material is different, PVC for 70,80,90,105, XLPE for 125,150, silica gel for 180, Teflon for 200,250; According to different use requirements, we can select the corresponding types of high temperature cable. 


Silicone Cable Specification

The silicone cable is very soft, but the silicon-oxygen bond can be much higher than the carbon bond in other rubber, so it has excellent heat resistance and cold resistance. The mechanical properties of silicone rubber are poor at room temperature, but above 150, the mechanical properties of silicone rubber are better than those of other rubbers (including fluorine rubber). The electrical energy of silicone rubber changes little with temperature and frequency, good arc resistance and good thermal conductivity. But the oil resistance and solvent resistance are poor. 


When selecting silicone cable, the heat generated by the loss of each part of the electronic wire should be taken into account, and the temperature of the electronic cable will not exceed its allowable temperature. In most cases, the transmission capacity of an electronic cable is determined by its allowable temperature. The electronic cable mainly depends on the thermal aging performance of the insulating material used. If the working temperature of the electronic cable is too high, the insulation material will accelerate the aging, and the life of the electronic cable will be greatly shortened. If it runs at the allowable temperature, the electronic cable can work safely for a long time.

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