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Top-Quality Solar Cables at Fair Prices

December 16, 2019

One of the most requirements for solar cables is to have the ability to meet the requirements demanded by the use of photovoltaic. Under our own manufacturing and the trading name "ZW cable" we offer a range of different types of approved and TUV certified PV solar cables. We have aligned our production to the market demands for simple reliability and economical use.

4mm solar cable and 6mm solar cable are an important topic at all levels of the solar industry, from the planning phase to solar panel installation. Even solar module producers and installation engineers are dependent on economical, dependable and durable electrical connections.


PV connections must be extremely durable, under of influence of all ozone, UV, and weather-resistant. With more than 27 years of experience in designing and manufacturing solar cables, you can rely on our know-how and experience gathered during more than two decades. "ZW cable" 4mm and 6mm solar cables are manufactured to avoid all installation errors and to fulfill requirements of outdoor cabling.  


Certified 4mm and 6mm solar cable

"ZW cable" 6mm and 4mm solar are the most reliable cabling equipment on the market, tested internally, but also tested externally by TUV. That guarantees complete functionality, despite the weather, even in extreme conditions, in tropical, or desert regions.


Economical and reliable 4mm and 6mm solar cables are promised by our factory and speed up the installation time of the solar panel facility. Further benefits are in the optimization of cable routing, simplifying the panel assembly process and reducing overall costs.


Optimizing interconnect solutions for the solar industry

The biggest challenge we had to overcome was energy loses during energy transmission. That's why we were working hard for almost 30 years to develop technology that has the highest efficiency. Our 4mm and 6mm solar cables are well acquainted with the high demands placed on PV cables, and with a long duration of system operation. Also, the optimized insulation of a cable with a cross-section od 4mm2 has an outside diameter of 6.15mm. The cable is thus significantly lighter, and that naturally makes work much easier for the installation engineers. XLPO insulation material represents the highest quality. Our 6mm and 4mm solar cables are noted for their space-saving outer diameter and flexibility, and also robust, flexible and long-lasting quality. Dual-wall insulation, high voltage and up to 70A current carrying capacity with minimizing overall resistance with only 3.39 - 4.75 Ω/Km - everything you can expect from copper conduction. "ZW cable" manufacturing technology brings little voltage drop and minimum power loss.  

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