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What does RVV Cable mean??

March 08, 2021

Rvv Cable

RVV Cable is known as a sheath wire, which is more commonly used cable in weak current systems, with tw or more condctor cores and PVC sheat layer outside. The main function of the sheath layer is to protect he cable from mechincal damage and chemical corrosion, and can enhance the mechanical strength of the wire, that is why we call RVV Cable.

 RVV Cable



Characteristics of RVV Cable.

Rated Voltage: 300/500V

Conductor: Stranded Copper Wire class 5

Insulation Material: PVC

Sheath Materical: Flexible Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)

Working Temperature: -30+70 degree

Number of Cores: 2~36 Cores

Cross Section: 0.3-6.0mm2


The method of distinguishing RVV Cable

There are more than 19 strands in copper wires. The length of RVV Cable is 100 meters. Of coures, there are 200 meters and 300 meters,but the lenghts produced by some manufacturers are 90 meters. In this case, we can check the logo on the RVV Cable, which indicate the maufacturer, production date, meters, cross section,etc. We can also compare the thickness of sheath and conductor. ZW cable is specialized in cables and wires since 1993. We can offer your best price with good quality.

RVV Cable

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