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What is RVVP Cable?

September 18, 2020

Rvvp Cable Introduction

In the wires and cables industry, the models of all kinds of wires are very similar, but the meaning is very different. Today, ZW Cable will introduce RVVP Cable

RVVP named shielded flexible cable, according to the commonly used model can be divided into RVV and P. RVV copper core PVC sheathed flexible cable, and "P" means shielding, that is, basically adding a shielding layer to the RVV flexible wire, the anti-interference performance has been significantly improved, mainly to resist external signal interference. It is suitable for communication, audio, audio and microphone cable with rated voltage of 300 amp 500V and below. It has the effect of resisting external signal interference.

   RVVP Cable

Characteristics of RVVP Cable

Rated Voltage: 300/500V

Conductor: Class 5 Conductor

Insulation: PVC

Shielded Layer: Tinned Copper or Pure Copper

Sheath: PVC

Working Temperature:-30+70 degree


The difference between RVVP Cable and RVV Cable

1. RVVP cable has an anti-interference shielding layer, which makes the use of electrical connection more secure.

2. RVVP cable can minimize the influence of external signal interference, and the price is higher than that of RVV sheathed power cord.

3. RVVP is suitable for places that need anti-interference, such as audio, broadcast and KTV microphone cable. RVV is more suitable for anti-theft system cable and computer power cord.


Compared with RVV cable, RVVP cable has better electromagnetic compatibility due to the use of copper wire braided shielding, so it is suitable for laying places with bad electromagnetic environment and small installation distance. We should have found that there is only one letter difference between RVV and RVVP Cable. If we look at shape and sizes, and it is easy to distinguish.

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