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Battery Cable & Wire

ZW battery cable can be used in battery powered equipment. ZW will help you choose the right battery cable based on project. Learn more about us today.

Battery cable is used to power your power system and size according to the wire gauge, the specification of the conductive cable. Our battery cable is made in China, and the size is 16sqmm to 150sqmm, and the smallest size is 16sqm, and the largest size is 150. We can also produce AWG like 4 awg battery cable and 2/0 battery cable. Choose the right battery wires must meet your electrical system, too small of cable will cause excess heat. That is very dangerous. The size of the cable you should use depends on two things: the amperage you need and the length of the cable. You can check out our information on how to choose the right size battery cable to help you determine the size of the battery cable you need to use, as well as more information on how to correctly size the cable and voltage drop. 

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