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Multi Cores Braid Shield Cable

  • Conductor: Copper
  • Insulation: PVC,
  • Insulation Color: White-Blue-Red-Black-Brown
  • Temperature Range: -20°C to +70°C
  • Nominal Voltage: 300V
  • Test Voltage: 600V
  • Standard: IEC

Shield Cable Specification

  • Conductor

    Plain Annealed Copper Class 5 to BS EN 60228

  • Insulation

    PVC Type

  • Sheath

    PVC Type 1

    Min Operating Temperature


  • Max Operating Temperature


  • Sheath Colours

    Black or Grey

  • Current Carrying Capacity

    For current ratings refer to table IEC.

The Characteristics of Shield Cable

Multi-pair, individually shielded cables are ideal for a wide variety of uses. These include equipment, remote control circuits, and industrial equipment control circuits. They are also often used in control circuits where total isolation of signal is required. The wires are encased in an aluminum foil shield. Sometimes, this type of shielding can be referred to as "Screening".
Multi Cores Braid Shield Cable
Key Features:
1.Tested and proven performance in installations worldwide
2. It has convenient put-up options
3. Wide range of conductor size, shielding options and number of conductors
4. High quality and reliability
5. Has a short response time with smoke and flame protection
6.Is available in longer cable lengths
7. Multipurpose
What is shield wire?
Shielded wire or shielded cable is a cable that consists of one or more insulated conductors wrapped in a common conductive layer. The shielding layer may consist of braided copper or other metal, such as aluminum and tinned copper. Unbraided copper tape spirally wound, or a conductive polymer layer. It is also called shielding cables with aluminum foil.
When to use shield cable?
The role of the shielded wire is to isolate the electromagnetic field noise source and sensitive equipment, cutting off the propagation path of the noise source. Shielding is divided into active shielding and passive shielding, the purpose of active shielding is to prevent the noise source outward radiation, is the shielding of the noise source; passive shielding is designed to prevent sensitive equipment from being interfered by the noise source, is the shielding of sensitive equipment.
Why is wire shielding used?
Shielding can be shielded by this electromagnetic field in the cable, can also play a certain protective role, if the cable core wire damage occurs, the leakage of current can flow along the shielding layer into the ground network, play a role in safety protection. Control cable shield role: there is no difference between other, but in many places, especially computer system control cables, where the shield is used to shield external influences, because its own current is very weak, very afraid of the external electromagnetic field effect. Shielded cable grounding is to prevent magnetic field interference.

Shield Cable Data

shield cable

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