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Which Cable is better YJV Cable or YJV22 Cable?

October 09, 2020
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Yjv22 cable introduction


The yjv22 cable actually belongs to the yjv cable series, but the yjv22 represents two layers of protection, is the inner sheath protection plus metal armor protection, yjv is simply only one layer of protection, there is no inner sheath protection outside, and no metal armor protection. The use of temperature is the same for both, the working temperature is kept at 90 degrees, but when the cable short-circuit, its maximum temperature can not exceed 250 degrees, the longest time limit can not exceed 5 seconds. yjv and yjv22 or a little can distinguish the two kinds of cable, the most obvious is the application of the two points of cable and cable offer.


yjv22 cable national standards


Can only be used to transport not higher than the alternating current 50Hz, and its voltage can not exceed 35 kv, and the normal temperature of such cable work in 90 ℃, no matter what happens, the maximum temperature within the cable can not exceed 250 ℃, and such cable can not withstand excessive tension.


yjv22 cable type


Cross-linked polyethylene insulated power cable is mainly divided into two materials, one is copper-core, while the other material is aluminum-core. Copper-core cross-linked polyethylene insulated power cables are mainly the following: nh-yjv cable, zrc-yjv22 cable, kvv cable, and yjv22 cable.yjv22 cable



yjv22 cable outer diameter


YJV22 cable is a cross-linked steel band armored cable. Each cable has a different size, a different voltage rating, and a different outer diameter. Even if it is the same voltage rated cable it has the same main cable area but different number of cores, different neutral size, and different outer diameter of the cable. So no one can answer your question. You have to tell someone the voltage class of the cable, how many cores it has, the size of the main cable area, the size of the neutral wire, the size of the ground wire. If it's YJV22-6/10KV 3*300 cable with an outside diameter of about 82mm; YJV22-8.7/10KV 3*300 cable with an outside diameter of about 90mm. or 35 kV 150mm² conductor diameter of 15.8, conductor shield thickness of 1.0, insulation thickness of 10.5, insulation shield of 0.8, copper tape wrapped around 0.12 thickness. This gives a single diameter of 40.88. (15.8 + 1.0*2 + 10.5*2 + 0.8*2 + 0.12*4) The outer diameter of the completed cable is 40.88*2.154 = 88. inner sheath thickness is 2.2. steel band armor thickness is 0.8*4. outer sheath thickness is 3.5 Total outer diameter is 102.6.


Difference between YJV cable and YJV22 cable

The biggest difference between the two is that the YJV cabe has no inner sheath and armor, only a single sheath, while YJV22 cable has an inner sheath plus metal armor plus an outer sheath, that is, double sheath. The YJV model cable is softer, while the YJV22 cable has better tension and voltage resistance.

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